It’s your big day and you have to look gorgeous. For this you must be busy shopping, choosing wedding cards, venue, clothing and jewellery. Hair and makeup are also an integral part of your wedding preparation and you must endure they are at place and perfect. But how to get prepare for this entire process. So, here are some tips and tricks to help you to rock your D-day look like a star.

(1) Do your homework: Look for references for your hair and makeup. Meet your hair and makeup artist before your wedding day, brief them what you want, show them the colour of your wedding dress and discuss. Make sure you and your stylist are on the same page to create that perfect D-day look.


(2) Take Notes: During your discussion with you stylist, do ask questions and take notes. Such as ask them how you can touch up your look and what are the products you need to buy in the same shades of your makeup.


(3) Go alone: Try to meet your stylist or makeup artist alone as if you take other people with you, their decision might influence yours.


(4) Watch out for the time: Ask your stylist or makeup artist how much time they will take to create the entire look and make sure they stick to it on the wedding day. Because every minute on the D-day is important and you being the centre of attraction has to be on-time.


(5) Money: At the end of your discussion, don’t forget to discuss the monetary aspect. It is very important to be clear on this at the initial stage, to avoid any last-minute hassle. If there will be more people with you to get ready, make sure you discuss that also, so that necessary arrangements are made, and financial bit also gets taken care of.

Hope all these pointers will help you to get prepare for your wedding. Do remember these simple yet crucial aspects to make your big day perfect and memorable.

" I feel more confident if my makeup looks good..."